Magic Mango Marinade


Seth loves hot sauce! He is a sauce connoisseur! This is a special Magic Mango Marinade made specially by Seth. He created this recipe to share with you. You can use it on just about everything. Seth uses it on tacos, steak, chicken and its amazing on eggs.

Enjoy your Magic Mango Marinade!

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Cultivated and aged to perfection, Seth’s Magic Mango Hot Sauce gives every meal a spicy sweet kick! Enjoy this delicious blend of sweet & savory magic sauce with any dish. Try our sweet hot sauce on chicken, seafood, steak and everything else to tantalize your taste buds! It’s medium heat level makes it perfect for liberal use. Spread it for basting, marinades, and salad dressings. This is not your ordinary Hot Sauce, it’s Seth Grabel’s Magic Mango Hot Sauce, every bite packs a magical punch!


Magic Mango Marinade

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