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The people before us have learned enough to teach us a thing or two. Every successful person has had a mentor at some time in their career. Some people are lucky enough to have many. I consider myself a student of life always learning and growing. I’m hungry for new experiences and knowledge. Mentors give us insight into the future by teaching the past. Have you ever wondered why old people are so knowledgeable? It’s because they have been through everything, at least once. Experience brings knowledge and knowledge brings new us a new perspective.
I have been truly blessed to have some of the most amazing mentors ever. They have taught me a good deal of what I know. I feel like a sponge, I watch people observe them and learn from them. You can learn something from everyone. I look at people like teachers who don’t realize they know how to teach. You see everyone has a basic way of thinking and norms that are excepted. If you change the norms and bring a new concept or consciousness is it true or false? Truth is in the eyes of the beholder. My truth is different than your truth which is different than your parents and their grandparents. You see the current truth is what you choose to accept. If I accept life is supposed to happen a certain way, then that’s my truth. I personally have bent my truth and reality. I deal in the unreality and am a seeker of my own truth. Bending my mind has opened my reality to new things and interesting possibilities.

You never know when you will meet a mentor who can teach you a thing or two. My father and mother were my first mentors. They taught me all kinds of wonderful things. I emulated them and grew to understand how things work through their teachings. After leaving the family home I met all kinds of wonderful people who gave me insight in to another world. My friend Rich Ferguson, Eric Blaze, and Ryan Miller inspired me to become a magician. When I was studying fruit science at Cal Poly University I also studied the art of Magic in my small studio apartment. I would come home from college and practice magic every single day. It made me happy to practice and invent new methods of magic, those were the days. I would gaze into a mirror for hours manipulating my cards, coins, crystal balls and all kinds of other objects. I had no idea at that time I would become a pro magician, it was just a hobby that gave me enjoyment. Sometimes when it’s just a hobby it’s much more enjoyable to do. I often reminisce and miss the days of performing for myself in front of a mirror.

My very first magic mentor was a gentleman named George Millward. We met George on Venice beach, he was performing street magic at the time. My father and I befriended George and he started teaching us lessons. One thing led to another and I was going to his home and learning about magic. He taught me about doves, coins, cards and a whole bunch of other amazing magic. George was a perfectionist and practiced forever. I moved to Vegas and a few years later George found himself in Vegas also. When I started becoming a fulltime professional magician, he would come to my house and help me routine new acts that I created. Some of these acts were so bad I am embarrassed to say I created them. I had all kinds of wacky ideas and George was always 100% full support, and for that I will always care dearly for him. He always gave me straight advise even when I thought I was totally correct. A good mentor tells your wrong even if you think otherwise. That you George Millward for being such a supportive mentor and friend.

Amazing Johnathan gave me an opportunity to open up for him at the Harmon Theater. It was so exciting to be a young magician opening for AJ. We had all kinds of fun from dumpster diving to road trips. Johnathan is not only one of the most giving people I know he is truly a wonderful person. When someone comes into your life its often for a reason. AJ has been a mentor and friend. Truthfully AJ is one of my favorite guys in Vegas and I wish him well.

I was lucky enough to be able to perform at the former Debbie Reynold’s theater. Ray and Jamie Wolf produced me at the theater. They gave me a stage and we not only had fun but did all kinds of crazy magic illusions, we tried new things and experimented by bending the limits. After one of my shows, Carl Beck and his son came up to me and introduced themselves. The Great Carlton and Company in the flesh. This guy has done it all! Lion’s tigers and bears Oh MY! Seriously Carl is like a phosphor wizard. He ran his own sporting goods company, was a famous magician and a teacher of philosophy. Carl would come over to my house, or warehouse and we would talk endlessly about magic and theory behind magic. He is a wealth of knowledge and I truly loved learning from him. I stay in touch with Carl and am blessed to call him my mentor and friend.

If you don’t have a mentor I suggest you get one! If you don’t have someone who is your mentee I suggest you get one of those also. Teaching someone something can be the best way to learn yourself. If you’re looking to learn magic and you’re in the Maui area, get a hold of me.

Mr. T was one of my friends, he has so much to share.

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