A Classic Force of Attraction

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Hey guys. I hope this weekend was absolutely relaxing, exciting, and filled with fun with friends and family! This week I wanted to spin this magic blog into an orbit of scientific exploration. Primarily the explanation of gravity.

First of all, what is it? Well, all objects in our universe that have a mass, exert a gravitational pull or force of attraction. The larger the mass an object has, the greater the attraction it has on other objects of mass that are near it.

For example, the earth has such an enormous mass that it is capable of exerting an impressive gravitational force towards it’s center that holds our atmosphere nice and close to its surface and all of us along with it. Even our moon is held in it’s orbit around the earth because of gravity. Just like a magician is able to will a walking cane to orbit around their body.

So why doesn’t the moon fall to earth like an apple falls from a tree?

Well, since the earth is rotating around the gravitational pull from the sun and spinning at the same time. So is the moon rotating around the earth and spinning. Since the earth is traveling on a curve through space, it pulls on the moon just enough to hold it in orbit, but not enough to suck it to its surface.

An easy way to demonstrate this would be to attach a string to a small ball, hold on to the string, and then start spinning in place. As you spin, the ball then floats away from you until the string stops it from going any further and it starts spinning with you. The string represents the gravitational pull between you and the ball just like the earth and the moon. If you were to cut the string while spinning, the ball would fly away from you. The moon would do the same if the earth lost all its gravitational force at once. However, if you stopped spinning, and held on to the string, the ball would fall down and come to rest near your body at the end of the string. Just as if the earth stopped orbiting and spinning around the sun, the moon would crash into the earth because the earth has such a massive gravitational force.

So how do magicians entertain with gravity? We can freely levitate our bodies and almost any object. We can even prevent water from pouring out of any container. At times magic, is just science. But what is magic, if not the inspiration of wonder and imagination?

(Video coming soon)

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