A Gaff Of Metallurgy

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Hey guys! How was your Thanksgiving? Mine was absolutely stuffed with great food, amazing family and fabulous friends! I ate so much my fork got bent.

Speaking of bending metal, have you ever seen a magician or a psychic impossibly bend something made of metal with their mind or fingers? This amazing effect has been going on for generations. Dating back to the beginning of spiritualism itself. Bending metal with one’s mind or even the touch of a finger, instils the desire for a power most of us would not hesitate to acquire. If granted, we most likely would not have a single piece of silverware in our house that wasn’t bend into a pretzel shape of some kind.

This human power did not however become known worldwide until the 1970’s. When there was a spirt of media coverage singling out people known as “psychics”, claiming to be able to bend cutlery with their minds. Shortly after this coverage, a Palestinian magician known as Uri Geller, popularized it by demonstrating his psychokinesis/telepathy powers on national television while bending spoons. People went bonkers when they saw him.

From here, the exploration of this unique human ability began. Scientific organizations and government projects began popping up all over the world seeking out people whom had the power to bend metal objects and demonstrate true psychic abilities. But over the years, with much dismay, all of them were only met with illusions, charlatans, and disappointment. It was then scientifically dubbed as a parlor trick and quickly became one of the best effects any magician could have in their arsenal of illusions.

Coins, cutlery, metal bars, and even paper clips. There is really nothing made of metal that can’t be exploited in this act of superhuman ability. If nothing else, it is quite entertaining to watch a complete stranger bend your hard earned quarter in half with his bare fingers after you sign your initials on it.

May this coming week bring you the best joy possible, with delicious leftovers of course.

Take care.


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