A Glimpse of The Castle

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Hey guys! Has your week been wall to wall spectacular? Mine has been a roller coaster ride of busy moving and organizing. This week I would like to give you just a figurative peek into the renowned private fraternity known as, The Magic Castle.

In 1963 at 5:00pm on January 2nd, The Magic Castle opened its doors for the first time as the central hub exclusively for all magicians, illusionists, conjurors, wizards, and escape artists around the world. Resting in Hollywood California, this Victorian Lane Mansion holds a vast wonderland of mystery behind its walls. It is the home of the Academy of Magical Arts, founded in 1952 with close to 5000 members world wide. This palace of prestidigitation also roofs over the Junior Society which includes classes and an environment of rich focused learning.

So how do you get inside to see what has been kept a secret from the public for over half a century? Well if you are a member of course, but if you aren’t, you have to know a member and have them take you through the threshold of knowledge. Just don’t forget the secret password, cuz you’ll be left outside.

Once you actually get inside, dressed to the nines mind you, you will be entranced with fascinating people and breathtaking performances. There are many libraries, showrooms, a restaurant (by reservation only), gift shop and a night club to name a few things you can enjoy. Just remember, you won’t have enough time to see everything on your first visit so, be sure to schedule your time accordingly because you might not get another chance to visit.

On a final note, be wary of your prospective host that has brought you into this secret world. They know many things about this place that you have not ever heard of; like it’s countless secret passageways only privy to members, it’s active ghosts and haunted areas. If your not careful and observant, they might put you on a pedestal to be the center of attention for everyone else’s entertainment. Yes, this is a thing at the Magic Castle. It is a fraternity of magicians you know. They make a living at tricking people.

I really hope you get to go if you have the chance. There isn’t any other place on the planet quite like it. I am a member and I still haven’t seen everything it beholds. Or have I?


“Belonging to a family of people that share your fascinations and interests, makes this rich world of wonder shine a lot brighter.”


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