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Hey guys! This last week has been quite a displeasing anamorphosis of weather here in Las Vegas. So in the spirit of making a ridiculous stretch of a synonym, I have decided to talk about something that can be quite uncomfortable for most to try, but extremely entertaining to watch. I want to talk about the myths of human contortion.

But first, if you don’t know what a contortionist is, they are acrobatic entertainers of highly flexible and abnormally bendy bodies. You can usually find them performing in circuses, night clubs, street performances, amusment parks, variety shows, music concerts, and internet shows. They can perform feats such as over splits, squeezing themselves into small compartments, and moving body parts in seemingly impossible possistions.

Alright, lets demystify what you may think contortionists might do, to accomplish their incredible powers of bendiness.

-What they don’t do is utilize snake oil for their joints and body flexibility.

-Any talk about being double jointed is a complete impossibility since all humans have the exact same amount of joints as any other. Their is no such thing as having more than one joint between any bone sections.

-Women and men both have flexible bodies and gender does not play a physical role in being a contortionist.

-There are only a few contortionists that have the rare Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. This is a disease that causes the ligaments in the body to get very stretchy, making the body far more flexible than the general population.

-Contortionists can not bend without bones in any direction they choose. Granted a degree of natural flexibility is needed, but most are able to create the illusion of having boneless bodies while showcasing the portions of their bodies that have the most flexibility.

-The myth of “you need to be born a contortionist” is a bunch of horse hooey. Granted people whom are born naturally flexible have a head start, but with correct and persistent training, and as long as the shape of the bones in the joint does not interfere with the range of motion, anyone can be a contortionist.

-Next, for the majority of contortionists, they do not dislocate their joints to bend the way they do. Doing so is very painful and in the long run, makes the joint more unstable and more prone to injury.

-The misnomer that ethnicity is a factor in being highly flexible, is entirely false. As I have already stated, just about anyone can be a contortionist.

Finally, did you know that there are two types of contortionists? There are “frontbenders” and there are “backbenders” which are categorized by the amount of forward or backward flexibility that they have in their spines. There are actually very few contortionists that have equal front and back flexibility. I work with many contortionists and I am always in amazement on how much they are able to manipulate their bodies.

Hope you all have an amazing week!


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