A Specter To Scare

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Hey guys! Things have been so busy these last few days that I didn’t think I would have time to write a blog post. But thankfully, I get to relax a few hours before I hit the stage.
So, last night when I was breaking down the set back stage, I could have sworn I saw someone standing on top of one of the light can girders that were descended for repositioning. Of course there wasn’t anyone there. I was all by myself at the moment. But not ten minutes later I could have sworn a hand brushed up the back of my left arm when I was resetting the prop table. I quickly turned to find no one there. That cold chill of spooky feelings rushed over me for a second. Then it passed and nothing else creepy happened before I left… Thank heaven.
Have any of you ever had one of those moments when you could swear that you were not alone in a room that you knew for a fact, you were the only one there? It doesn’t happen to me that often, but when it does, it is always on an old theater stage. And that is why I always bring my own single stand ghost light to all of my shows. For some reason, not a lot of these casinos are superstitious. The way the superstition goes is that the ghost light is placed at the center of the stage when the theater is empty and shut down for the night. It is turned on and kept on while the entire theater is pitch black. This is to appease the ghost/ghosts that haunt the theater so that they do not sabotage the plays or performances the following days and evenings.
Of course, the reality behind this is so if anyone is to walk on stage while all the lights are off, they do not fall off the edge of the stage and into the orchestra pit. Back, before there was electricity, these ghost lamps were fueled by coal gas furnaces. It would help prevent back ups in the fuel lines while it continually burned. However, more times than expected, explosions would occur because of this, which would end up with the theater burning to the ground. This happened a lot back in the 1800’s until electricity became mainstream.
So, even though there is a real safety reason behind having a light on stage when the theater is dark, it doesn’t hurt to be a little superstitious, just in case.
Here is a manifestation on stage of my own creation,

“The spirits are always watching.”
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