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Hey guys! For those of you currently here in Las Vegas, is it me or is it getting hotter as the summer progresses? It was 104° yesterday and the forecast just keeps climbing into this next week. Speaking of hot, this coming September I will be bringing all the entertaining hotness of Las Vegas, to the Agoura Hills Canyon Club for an epic magic performance.

Agoura Hills is just northwest of downtown Los Angeles. This city has some very important and fascinating history. It was originally settled by the Chumash tribe, the Native American people that inhabited the central and southern coastal regions of the now, state of California, close to 10,000 years ago. In the late 18th century, Spanish missionaries settled there connecting the Spanish missions in California by way of the “King’s Highway” connecting Mexico to Sonoma California.

After a Spanish grazing concession in 1800, the abandonment and reassignment of a land grant in 1810 and 1834, the buying out of the same grant in 1845, it became a waypoint stop in 1900, for travelers on the Camino Real road on account of the natural springs at the base of the mountain called Ladyface. In the 1920’s for a brief period, Paramount Pictures purchased a ranch in this area and shot numerous movie and television westerns on the surrounding land. In 1927 the local residents gave this area its permanent name, Agoura. It was named (and misspelled) after the area’s local “swashbuckling sheep herder” French Basque immigrant Pierre Agoure whom settled there in 1871. He personified the Mexican Rancher lifestyle. Through the 1960’s and 70’s the area grew on account of its popularity and in no small part to U.S. Route 101 being built right through the heart of it. In 1982 it officially became the 83rd city in Los Angeles county. Up through the 90’s the growth increased exponentially giving rise to the very popular “live music scene” that is now a permanent tourist attraction on the western coast of the United States.

This is where the Agoura Hills Canyon club comes into play. It is the central point in California for regional and national touring acts.

On September 12, 2015 you can see me perform on stage. You don’t want to miss what I have in store!


“Know where you have been, for it defines who you are, and where you will go.”

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