An Egg Bag of Duplicity

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Hey guys! This week is a magical one of festivities and celebration. Being that all of us love giving to others as well as receiving from our loved ones. I thought it fitting to talk about one of the magician’s staples of wonder. The multiplication of one object into many.

Most budding magicians start out learning how to perform with the famous sponge ball illusions and then slowly graduate to larger objects like bottles and fruit. Finally graduating to even larger objects like animals. We all know that it is impossible to make exact duplicates of anything without resources to do it, so when we see a magician do it, we automatically assume it is a trick. But what if we knew that what we were seeing, wasn’t a performance?

Back in the year 2700 BCE, the earliest known form of multiplying one object into many was performed and documented. Back then, any kind of illusion was a completely different animal than what it is now. Back in that time period, magic was believed to be real and associated with the occult and the power of the gods. Not a form of entertainment as which we see it today. If you had the skill to master any type of illusion flawlessly back in that time, you would be revered and feared by any that witnessed what you were performing. Through the ages of course using the illusion skill of multiplying just a few objects into many, created vast stories and legends. Some of them still to this day marveled as true miracles and lost magics of accent races. Today of course, we flock to be entertained and amazed by “illusionists” knowing for the most part that it is only a trick. Most still however, wonder how they do it.

Whichever side of the fence you stand on, one thing remains constant between believers and non-believers. When you watch someone multiplying one thing impossibly into many, you can’t help but wonder what you would do with that kind of power.

I wish you a very happy holiday my friends.


“You only need to believe in magic, for it to exist in your very hands.”





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