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In life it’s important to have balance. Balance of work, family, goals, success,failure, dreams, and everything else in between. Balance gives us a quality feeling of zen and keeps us happy every single day. With the proper balance in life anything and everything is possible.

At one point in my life all I did was work on my career, I would spend endless hours creating magic with no general direction. I did not have a family to spend time with and recoup. After all the magic and creation I would become mentally and physically drained and need a few days to recoup. Now that I balance my work by spending time with my family, the balance is a perfect picture of work and play. It makes me excited to work hard and gives me the much needed decompression when I spend time with Tammy and Grace.

Below is a image of relaxation with Tammy, Grace and my good friend Rene.  We are enjoying some much needed down time after setting up the Magic On Maui show, at #MauiTheater.

As I gazed at the ocean I noticed something interesting on the sand were a bunch of rock formations that had been placed perfectly balanced on top of one another. Second’s after I noticed the creations someone came up to me and said “The perfect balance!” he was a gruff looking man with a sharp harsh outlook of reality yet still free and very creative. I could tell this man had something to share and thought I would learn to stand still for just a moment. So I listened and watched as this weathered artist worked his balancing magic.

His name is Benhariz and ever since he was a little boy he has been balancing stones on one another. He explained that he picks up a random stone anda he balances it on top of another stone. He said that his mother gave him stones when he was very young and ever since he has feal a special energy from the stones almost a voice that guides him when he balances them. All I know he was pretty dead on and balanced the stones very quickly. I would not commit so much energy and focus to balancing stones, so I give him props and appreciation for his work. I invited Benhariz to my show and went on with my day. The rock balancer Benhariz seems to balance his life even though he might be rough around the edges, he is an artist that understands balance.

I did an experiment on balance. The video below is something I would like you to watch and enjoy. Leave a comment and let me know how you find balance in life. Share the video with someone looking for #balance.
If you balance your life and focus on walking the tightrope of success, you can take a breather and realize tomorrow is a new day and balance is the course to live by.









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