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Hello, hi, how are you, how you doing, how’s it going, aloha, howdy! Have you ever started a conversation with someone that has just consumed an energy drink or is on a caffeine high? It can be quite intense if you’re not ready for it.
In this day and age there is a lot of demand in the work place for long hours and not a lot of sleep. Especially if you have trouble sleeping. Energy drinks are huge in the market these days, and they most certainly get the job done on keeping you awake.
So I asked myself, is it a bad idea to drink one of these things? I myself am a huge coffee fan. I have been for a very long time. I work long hours and drinking a cup of coffee helps me get through the day. So when I drank just one small energy drink can, it sent me to a whole new level of focus and energy that I had not ever experienced before. I had to find out if this was truly safe.
A little bit of history about “the energy drink” got my attention first and foremost. Back in the early 1900’s Coca-Cola marketed it’s already popular soda as a vitality booster. In 1929 Locozade was an energy drink specially formulated in UK hospitals to help aid in speedy recoveries. In 1949, Dr. Enuf was formulated as a high vitamin/caffeine/cane sugar energy drink to offset the soft drink industry that only provided sugar rich drinks. In the 1960’s, Japan opened up their energy drink market with Lipoviten. These little beauties came in small medicine bottles and were marketed towards business men. Then we come to 1985. The golden year of energy drinks. This is when Jolt hit the market. Who’s brazen marketing advertisement promoted, “All the sugar and twice the caffeine.” After this came Josta, Power Horse, and finally in 1997, Red Bull. Energy drinks after this, just went bat crazy. The market flooded with them up to what we have today.
I’ll just stop right here with the history portion. It just goes on and on. What I really wanted to know, is if these were bad for you. Well, anything in excess is always bad for you, as common sense dictates. Coffee in excess can send you to the hospital. But what I found out about energy drinks kind of shocked me.
First, 400mg of caffeine is considered a safe amount for “an adult” on a daily basis. This is about 3 to 4 cups of coffee. Some of these energy drinks on the market have close to 600 in each can. They get away with this, because of labeling loopholes. Usually a single energy shot will have around 100 to 200mg. But on these large cans, the label states that the can contains 3 or even 4 servings per can. And most people will just finish the can off without even reading the label, thinking it’s safe. What’s worst, these companies market this drinks to young adults and kids.
Aside from all the scientificly named ingredients in these things, one stood out to me. Which a lot of these energy drinks have. It is called Taurine. This is a chemical that is found in the large intestines of animals that is a constituent of bile. There is about 1000 to 2000 mg of this stuff in a single drink. After I read this, I shuttered. That’s just gross.
So the conclusion to all this is that if you have a heart condition, are not an adult, and are compelled to drink more than one of these drinks every day, you most certainly should not drink them. Most of them don’t even taste good. I’ll just stick to one cup of coffee.
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