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Greetings, salutations, and a wonderful winter howdy to you all! We are digging deep into this season with blankets, turtle necks, and thick socks. I absolutely love this weather. Not only because I get to cuddle up with my family, but because here in the desert, a brisk breeze, and the cool air is a refreshing change from an almost year round scorching furnace.
Any-hoot, for this blog entry I wanted to briefly talk about the trade craft of carpentry. As any magician will tell you, building our own illusions is a must. We always have countless ideas, inventions, and dare I say it, creative visions in our heads. And the only way that we can bring them to life, is to create them. So one of the skills we utilize is carpentry. It can be as simple as a small box, or as elaborate as an entire theatrical stage. It all depends on the whimsy of our needs.
So, carpentry itself has been around long before humans could read and write. It was a trade that was passed down by word of mouth and sharing practice. The earliest part of history that we have proof of any type of carpentry work is from the Neolithic period (which was about 4,980 BCE.). It was in an excavated site in Germany that revealed a wood cast well molding, that utilized timber, tenon, and the use of notching corners. One of the oldest known historical sites on the planet giving testament to this craft, is located in China. It is the wooden Nanchan Buddhist Temple that was built in 782 (which was back in the Tang Dynasty). There are many other sites around the world including Russia, Norway, and scattered all throughout Europe.
Being that wood of course has been the main medium for carpentry throughout the centuries, its longevity is obviously limited due to it’s flammable material and biodegradable makeup. So objects and structures older than the 11th century are extremely rare and hard to come by.
The word carpenter itself was derived from the Latin carpentrius [artifex], which translates to “maker of the carriage”. The carpenter uses a very wide range of tools and medium when constructing anything. However, the forming and constructing of wood structures by the most skilled master craft artisans needn’t use anything more than the wood itself. Without a single iron nail, or adhesive of any kind, elaborate puzzle boxes, three story spiral stair cases, houses, and churches have been conceived of, designed, and built by humans to this very day.
“From the formless void, I carve my desire with passion and love.”

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