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Howdy hello guys! Are you keeping evasive from gloomy days and boring moments? This week I will be exploring the wonderfully fascinating arena of escapology. I had always took to this craft when I was a kid. Mostly when I was bored out of my mind with nothing to do. Wrapping myself in ropes to a chair, tying various knots, playing with handcuffs, and chains with locks; it was self entertainment at its finest. For escape artists there are three types of escape performances. The all famous one being, ‘escape or die’. The two lesser of the three are ‘full view’ and ‘hidden’.

The art of escape has been around long before magicians graced this world of wonder. It wasn’t until around the 1860’s when it started to pick up steam in the public eye. Beginning in the psychic industry with mediums and spiritualists and working its way into the entertainment industry in magic performances. I don’t think I have to drop the name of an extremely popular magician from the early 1900’s that astounded the world with his feats of impossible escape acts. If you don’t know who it is by chance, I’ll give you a hint. His last name ends with ‘dini’.

The actual term escapology didn’t come into play until the Australian magician Norman Murray Walters coined it. He was known as ‘Murray The Escapologist’. On a more religious perspective, the 16th century Christian Saint, Nicholas Owen that escaped the Tower of London and planned the escape of two other Jesuit inmates from the same prison is considered to be the patron saint to Catholic escapologists.

Not all magicians incorporate the skill of escape into there acts, however, in my personal opinion, the magician must be familiar with all trades if not reaching to master each one. By doing this, one reaches the plateau of being a truly great entertainer.


“When you unlock the understanding of a useful skill, you must share it to enlighten those around you.”


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