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Hello, bonjour, hola, and ahoj! This is the week for scares and treats! Are you guys excited for Halloween? If you are in Las Vegas this holiday, be prepared for some spectacular shows on the strip!
For this blog post I wanted to answer a repetitive inquiry I had received a while ago about digital magic and ‘exclusively digital’ magicians. This kind of magic can not be performed in person but must be viewed on a monitor. Most prominently on the Internet or in a video. I wanted to address this because though it is not the kind of in-person presentation hand magic that I and many others in my profession are skilled at, it is still a very important part of the magic industry.
The simple reason I believe this is, when the performer captivates the audience with more than a fancy and impossible visual effect, they have succeeded in presenting their creativity in a way that has never been seen before. For the digital magician, it is leagues more difficult to amaze an audience these days on the Internet. Most of the Internet audience believes they have seen everything. The digital magician ultimately needs to make that audience, forget they are watching a video on some level. However, once the video has been seen, it becomes another page to be turned. The audience wants to see something better or they move on to the next big thing, whether it is the digital magician or a funny cat video. It is a relentless production of newer, better, more entertaining effects. This impersonal interaction is between the digital magician and the viewer. It is the magician’s skill in reeling in the audience that must be masterful and immediate for a well received reaction. The attention span of the Internet viewer is remarkably short.
The plus side to the digital magician’s performance, is that they only need to produce it once. When it is posted on the Internet, that performance never changes, and is always perfect. It will always be there to greet a new visiter at whatever time that audience member chooses to watch it. The magician doesn’t have to raise a finger.
I also wanted to point out that I believe professional stage, close up, and street magicians have a very unique opportunity in dabbling in this field of digital magic. Not necessarily trying to copy or reproduce digital video effects, but by incorporating these digital effects within there own “in person” performances. A card trick is always going to be a classic. But what if the magician were able to make the audience’s card, that was chosen in the deck they held in their hand, show up on the screen of their phone, in their pocket?
“I will never be content with living inside the boundaries I have called home. I will always go beyond to explore and create new breakthroughs.”

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