Catalina Theater

Catalina Island Epic Magic Adventure

The day started out wet and I took a brisk walk around long beach.  I did my regular work out routine and jumped in to the pool, I did laps and thought about the exciting day.  I was about to embark on a epic magic adventure to Catalina.  I took a lyft over to the Launch pad and was met by my friend Ben.  I have known Ben for years now and enjoy the fact that through life people come and out of life, but we have stayed in touch.  Ben manages IEX Helicopters and he planed this epic magic adventure!

Catalina Heli


We took off and the sight was incredible, when you look at the roaring waves crash on a sandy beach it always looks beautiful directly above them.  I glanced outside the window long enough to capture this shot.



When we landed on the Island we were greeted by our friend Andrew who is the VP of activities on Catalina.  We drove to the main street on Catalina and I started performing my street magic.  I love performing street magic for random people and getting a reaction, that’s why I do street magic! We meet all kinds of people from all over the world and make them smile just because we can.

After the street magic we visited the most amazing historical theater on the Island. It’s called a casino but no one gambles there! I’m sure there is an explanation regarding that but that’s another blog post! We toured the theater and I imagined myself performing on the stage. When I was on the stage I actually got a flashback from a dream I often have.  I am performing on stage to a packed house.  As I finish my last act the audience rises to give me a standing ovation, all of sudden every single guest in the seats vanished in to the ether.  I’m not sure what this means but I have had this dream often.  Maybe one day we will bring the show to this historical theater and create magic for Catalina Island.

After the theater tour we visited a very special exhibit at the Catalina Museum.  Coincidentally there was a Houdini exhibit at the museum! It was such a cool exhibit and perfect timing! Sometimes everything comes together perfectly,  life is amazing like that!

Tell me about yourself in the comments below, I write these EPIC MAGIC ADVENTURES so us creators can connect t build a community of other world travelers. Who knows maybe one day we will be sitting down together at an amazing restaurant, bar, hotel or coffee shop sipping on adventure.



Seth Sig