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When the going gets tough, do you stick together? More then ever, we need to connect and give back to our community.  The horrible COVID-19 has affected all Americans. Charity is all about giving to people who need help the most. Over the years my family and I have been involved in many different charities including but not limited to Best Buddies, Grant a Gift, Friendly House, Toys for Tots, Epicurean Charitable Foundation and so … Read More

iHEARTMUSIC Festival – Music & Magic in Las Vegas T Mobil Arena

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View from VIP Hyde Lounge in TMobil Arena

I just enjoyed the most amazing concert and VIP experience! IHEARTMUSIC FESTIVAL was incredible! The music was tantalizing, the production was top notch and the VIP unparalleled. Hanging at Hyde lounge was Epic! I have never attended a music festival before and this was something special. After arriving at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, the box office had a special VIP package with my name on it! It contained VIP access to IHEART and … Read More

Performing in Paradise! @Terranea Resort

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When I became a magician I didn’t know what to expect.  I am grateful to be able to entertain in some of the most amazing high end venues around the world.  A client brought me out to the beautiful Terranea Resort and I performed magic in the most magical place in California! The outside of my room seemed like my very own Mediterranean villa. As I walked up the stairs I felt at home. The … Read More

Traveling magician brings happy smiles to Vietnam – “Vietnam Magic”

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Traveling magician brings happy smiles to Vietnam – “Vietnam Magic” I have traveled the world and learned so much from people in other places. One thing they everyone can appreachiate is magic. Magic is a universal language of excitement and mystery. As humans we like to understand things and know how something works. When I perform magic for people they get a shot of dopamine similar to the release of sex or drugs. Traveling all … Read More


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Fool Us brings together magicians to perform tricks in front of Penn & Teller. If the famous duo cannot determine how a trick was done, the magician who performed it will get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to perform as their opening act at the Rio Hotel & Casino right here in Las Vegas. I got to perform one of my biggest escape illusions ever! It took 2 years to come up with the concept and build … Read More

What is your LOVE???

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What do you love in life more than anything else? I absolutely love to perform! When I’m on stage I feel more alive and aware then any other situation. It’s truly an amazing feeling to be on stage and bring the audience your energy.  I never hold back!  Every show no matter how I feel, It’s 100% energy. My audience deserves the very BEST because they have given me a gift. An audience gives their … Read More

Who is Your favorite person?

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My Grandfather taught me compassion, care and Listening! When is the last time you really listened to someone and cared about them?  Please leave it in the comments below so I can connect with you and listen to you. Who is your absolute favorite person? Growing up I connected with my grandpa Lou. He taught me some really great things that I use to this day. Unfortunately I really didn’t get much time with him … Read More


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What makes your smile? Every day I wonder and try really hard to make other people smile.  I actually go out of my way to test a new magic trick or simply opening a door for a stranger with the only purpose being making some random stranger smile.  When humans smile there is actually a chemical release in your brain! When you smile, your brain releases neuropeptides. … Your brain also releases feel-good neurotransmitters, including … Read More


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Have you ever bought a booth at a Trade Show but didn’t feel you got the proper return on investment? Trade shows are amazing, they are mini cities built in a few days then the whole city deconstructed in the same amount of time.  Companies spend hours of man power and thousands of dollars to build a booth, store the booth and market to their clients.  I have attended and performed at thousands of trade … Read More

The Magic of Seth Grabel @Tahiti Village

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Last Sunday, in a rehearsal performance a week before his official Tahiti Village debut on Jan. 14, magician Seth Grabel wowed a roomful of invited employees and their guests with a seemingly inexhaustible supply of sleight of hand trickery, astonishing utensil manipulation, mindboggling levitation, and dexterous card virtuosity. He was also incredibly funny and engaging. I was in the audience and can say, without reservation, that Seth’s sheer magic mastery compares with any Strip magician … Read More