Cause and effect bends reality

Seth Grabel#Featured

Have you ever been so involved in a project that you can’t see a different perspective? I started performing magic because I loved to get reactions. If you do something anything different,out of the ordinary you receivce a reaction. I am all about cause and effect. If I do this what happens? If you take this road where does it lead? If you start something today, what will it lead to? There are so many amazing reactions you can receive by doing things and its exciting to get reactions. If you don’t try new things,your guarenteed to receive the same or similar reaction. That sounds extreamily level and basic to me. So I would bend my reality and thoes people who were around me. If your like me, you believe reality is what you make of it. Sure everyone has norms like an apple is a peice of fruit and a snail is slow. I firmly believe reality is what you make of it. Regardless of where your going, if you start today and never give up, you will get there! 

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