Seth Grabel#Magic Life

Life is full of choices. Every choice you make gives way to more choices and new opportunities. In my life I go with my gut. The choices I make have shaped my world and brought new adventures to life. I look at life like a series of choices and adventures. There is no wrong way, every choice brings you to a new direction. You’re the captain and you direct the ship, if you decide to steer right or make a sharp turn that’s your decision. Each time I choose to follow my gut I’m usually right.

Being an entertainer or anyone in business we are susceptible to external situations and people who can take advantage of your talent. It’s important to choose the correct partners and sometimes you need to go through many situations to learn what works and what does not. If you learn and grow from every situation, you’re on the right track in every direction.

Each obstacle in life gives you a newfound lesson. New lessons bring you to a higher place in life. If all roads were easy you would learn nothing and have a charmed life, but a charmed life has no challenges. If you’re given the option to follow your dreams, treat every situation as a lesson to further grow your life and take you to higher places.

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