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Hello one and all! I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful, filling, and relaxing. Well, it has begun. The countdown until the biggest holiday of the year. Are any of you huge shoppers and gift givers? Do you get all your shopping done for the holiday early? Or do you wait until the last minute? I myself start as early as possible and stealthily hide everything all over the house (I have a ton of hiding cubbies, false walls and secrets closets).

So as this is still the holiday season I thought it appropriate to talk briefly about one of the busiest shopping days of the year, Black Friday!

The term ‘Black Friday’ was coined in Philadelphia back in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s by retail store owners. It is supposed to mean that the retailers are actually making a profit by keeping there ledgers in the black, as opposed to being in the red. This happens the day after thanksgiving on Friday (since Thanksgiving is always on the 4th Thursday in November). However this noted day has been a famous day far before it was given it ominous name. This dramatic shift in holiday spending has been around since the 1930’s. Considered by most in the retail industry, the first day of the Christmas shopping season.

This had spurred retail stores to open their doors much earlier and close far later than usual. Sometimes having these establishments open on a 24 hour basis for a couple days.

This day is incredibly profitable for businesses, and light on the wallets to consumers. However what has followed in the last decade or so, is a slowly rising tide of violence between shoppers trying to acquire highly discounted items in limited supply. There are at times thousands of people jockeying for position to get in and out without any hassle. Yet they are met with a mob of crazed peers pushing shoving and punching their way through the masses for what seems to be a display of dominant “kill or be killed” mentality. Hundreds have died and thousands have been seriously hospitalized on these days of ‘extreme shopping’. It is both sad and ridiculous. There have been countless attempts on trying to control these mob crazed sales. But to no avail, someone is always hurt, and hundreds arrested.

I personally don’t want any part of it for the simple reason that I don’t believe anything of material value is worth that much hassle and potential danger. Anyway, shopping from home on my tv is like I am on the Jetsons.

So on a final note, may you all be safe and have a wonderful chilly week of winter shopping!


“If I could buy one of everything, I would still be poor. For love is the one thing that can’t be bought and grants you more riches than kings.”






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