Do you feel that the ‘cards’ are stacked against you?

Seth Grabel#Illusions

By Seth Grabel

I am not trying to bring anyone down but all of us, at one time, feel that we are not getting a break, luck has run out and the cards are stacked against us. Actually, this is an illusion, both literally and figuratively.




So first, view the video about how to stack cards.

As you can see, it is all an illusion. It took some preparation, practice and props. It is also an illusion when you feel the cards are stacked and you are not getting a break.

First, there is so much going on behind the scenes. Let’s say for example you and someone else is up for the same promotion. You have worked hard and you deserve it. Stop right there! Yes, you are capable, qualified, responsible and reliable but there are many people who are just as capable, qualified, responsible and reliable. What if the other person developed a procedure or process that saved the company money? What if the other person has experience in areas that is needed in the company at the present time? What if the other person is just a better fit for the position? This does not mean you are less capable, qualified, responsible and reliable. You are still an amazing person with skills and talents. It is just not the right time at the right place.

You can create your own opportunities. If the other person gets the promotion, instead of being bitter, shadow this person. What does this other person offer? You can always upgrade your skills and learn along the way. You can get more education (think online), interact with others in your profession and explore all possibilities.

So when it comes to stacking the cards, remember it is an illusion that can entertain but does not define your life.



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