Donning The Magi’s Jacket

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Hey guys! For this blog entry I wanted to talk a little about the clothing of a professional magician.
Throughout history magicians have pulled many objects out of thin air, far to big to be hidden with any sleight of hand skill. Dramatically pulling up their sleeves and conjuring animals into their hands as if it were second nature. Of course this impossible act is all an illusion. Just by looking at a magician stand there, you can not tell that they actually have a plethora of wonders just beneath the layers of their clothing.
Shoes, socks, pants, belts, shirts, vests, gloves, jackets, hats, and even the most daring and bold, underwear. The actual use of clothing to hide anything has been around ever since clothing was invented. So, forever and a day ago. Now a days, you have shirts and jackets with many pockets out on the market for casual wear. It’s just fashion. However for a magician, just having a simple pocket is not an option. Most master magicians, if not already skilled in tailoring their own clothing, will have their clothes professionally created for their particular skills and magic acts that they perform. Yes, you can buy magician clothes online pre made, with hidden compartments and what not. But this is not even close to being effective for the master magician. You see, the true magician’s clothing must fit to the exact body size of the performer and the clothing is then tailored out from there, to compensate for hiding anything from 5 white doves, juggling balls, to a candelabra, yards of rope, or even a compressed air canister; all to seem as if none of those things are even there.
There are even magicians out there that can hide an entire water tank in their clothing. This is however only a tool to the magician. The true skill lies in the magician taking what is hidden inside their clothing and revealing it without giving away that it was behind a few folds of draped cloth the entire time.
Magic show rehearsal,

“I may have lint in my pockets, but it is the lint from a lifetime of adventure and wonder. Pay no mind to the rabbit.”

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