Energize you life, Even when your tired and Don’t feel like doing anymore! 

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Sometimes you have ups and sometimes you have downs. If you can be as strong and excited on the downs you will crush it! All kidding aside. Everyone has bad days,it’s only human. However how you react to your bad day is totally up to you. Do you clam up and get nothing done, do you lash out on everyone around you? Or do you take it in and become stronger. Today was a frustrating day for me, however I turned it around. I saw the positive and moved through the negative. It’s important to focus on your life and goals when this happens. Even if your having a bad day, you can still put in solid success time.

You know when your day is perfect. Everything goes according to plan,it’s as if the planets align and your on the right track. Well the opposite also happens. Your day is a mess things are not happening correctly and on top of that you get a speeding ticket. Well you have the power and mental strength to turn this around. Just do one small thing that makes you smile. It could be as little as eating an orange or doing sit-ups. Do it now! Then tell yourself that by doing this small pleasure, you start a chain reaction in your body that makes your day great! All of your worries are gone and you can focus on your goals. If this doesn’t  work just push through pitbull it, and work harder. Do a piece of work you dislike just because you can.

Hope this helps you. It works for me.

Seth grabel signature changes

Seth grabel signature changes

As always keep on growing to the top! Your as great as you want to be and as lame as you think you are.

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