Everyone loves a good cause, what Charity do you love?

Everyone loves a good cause, what Charity do you love?

What charity do you help?

What Charity do you Identify with?

Now more than ever with the horrible COVID-19, we need to stick together and give back to our community.  Charity is all about giving to people who need help the most. Over the years my family and I have been involved in many different charities including but not limited to Best Buddies, Grant a Gift, Friendly House, Toys For Tots, Epicurean Charitable Foundation and so many more.  What I have learned is that people make this world a better place and helping others is what makes life matter

It is a truly great feeling to be able to give the gift of fun and smiles through magic performances.  You never really know how bad a person is feeling, if you can brighten their day you have done a wonderful thing.  Sometimes I give money, or material possessions to people in need but when I perform magic and make them feel good it’s something I can give that most people can not. The reward is quite mutual, you see, I gain so much from making someone else happy. Every time I bring a smile to someone I don’t know, it’s a surge of energy that I receive to work harder and continue on my path of distributing magic.



I remember my Grandpa Lou used to tell me “always leave the world a better place because you were around”  That goes with everywhere you travel, places you frequent, friends & family you visit and everywhere you find yourself spending time at.  It gives me pleasure to bring smiles, excitement and magic to people all over the world. Most always the magic is the audience.

Sponsor a charity in need click here to bring Seth’s magic to your charity. 


A few ways anyone can give back to the community:

  1. Donate to a food bank.
  2. Volunteer at a local senior community.
  3. A random act of kindness for a stranger (What would you do?)
  4. Plant a tree anywhere…


Always leave a place better than when you came and you will always be welcome.  If everyone practiced this simple goal, we would live in a much happier healthier world.


Close up Magic

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