Gum, light, magic and life

Seth Grabel#Magic Lessons

By Seth Grabel

According to sources online, chewing gum has been around for almost 6,000 years to help clean teeth or freshen breathe. Gum has been made with coca leaves, ginseng plant roots, betel nuts, sugar pine and spruce sap. What better product to use with magic and make people smile with a pack of gum?

Have you ever wanted to learn how to do a trick with gum? In the video below, I details ways to pull off a prank using gum.

Fun, right? But why did I want to teach you this magic trick? Magic is in everyone’s life, whether a fun prank or something so much bigger. This trick can remind people to create the magic, experience the magic, share the magic and EMPOWER YOUR MAGIC.

Think about it-we flip a switch and there is light where before was darkness. Yes, there is a scientific method to the power of electricity and its conduits to create light. But the fact that a person thought of it, worked and perfected it and now it is a part of our everyday lives is amazing. Think of the people who lived on this planet hundreds of years ago. They would have considered flipping a switch and creating light magic.

Also performing is a way to bring a smile to someone. Today’s world can be scary, confusing and frustrating at times, but to take the time, do a little magic and focus on something fun can do so much for a person. It is a way to connect and brighten the surroundings, adding to the light.

So whether flipping a switch to turn on a light or using magic to make someone’s day (or night) a little brighter, this is just one of the many ways to EMPOWER YOUR MAGIC.

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