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Hey you guys! It’s almost Halloween! Will you be spending the day inside cozying up with scary movies and popcorn? Or venturing outside amidst the vail of spirits and mischief to have fun and embrace the holiday? Whichever you choose, you most likely will encounter hoards of children whom are out trick-or-treating, holding closely a bag of some sort containing their treasure trove of candy and sweets. For this post, I thought it fitting to briefly talk about an age old classic illusion that is near and dear to my heart. The ever mysterious Magic Egg Bag.
The Magic Egg Bag in its most basic presentation is a close up illusion involving a cloth bag and one egg. The magician reaches into the bag and pulls out an egg. The egg is handed to a spectator for inspection while the magician turns the bag inside out to show the audience there is nothing else inside. The magician then asks the spectator to place the egg on top of the bag while the magician grabs it carefully from inside the opening. Then the magician folds the bag back into its original state so the egg is now inside the bag. The bag is held up from one opening edge and the magician asks a spectator to gently grasp the bag to prove that the egg is still inside. When it is confirmed, the magician dramatically flips the bag upside down and forcefully shakes it at the ground. The egg has abruptly vanished into thin air in front of the spectators. The magician holds the bag up one more time and turns it inside out showing the spectators it is truly empty. Once this is done. The magician slowly turns the bag back to its original state, turns it right side up, and finally asks a spectator to reach in and pull out the egg. When a spectator does this, they find the egg has dramatically returned and they pull it out.
The inventor of this fabulous illusion was Isaac Fawkes. He was a slight of hand English magician in the early 1700’s that was one of the first in history to present “conjuring” as a form of entertainment. His illusions captivated the populous outside of the circus carnivals where only such kinds of entertainment could regularly be found. Through this enterprising management of his skill, his impeccable showmanship, and magnetic charisma, he amassed great wealth and mass popularity. Unfortunately, he also received heavy scrutiny and patronization from the upper class of society, trying to paint him as a swindler, a dabbler of witchcraft, and black magic. However, he endured relatively unscathed in good standing reputation, being closely associated with scientists and traveling philosophers, up to his death in 1732, when he died in a tragic fairground fire.
Below is a link my video showcasing the Magic Egg Bag.

– Seth
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