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Hey guys. This week I wanted to briefly talk about one of the staples in classic illusion. They are called the linking rings. This is where the magician takes anywhere from 2 solid metal rings to even 6 or more and magically links them together.

It entered into the public eye around the world back in the early 1850’s. However the illusion itself dates back to the 1st Century. Being performed in front of kings and Pharos.

What makes this illusion so amazing is that the rings themselves can be separately inspected by the audience. The magician showing proof that the rings themselves are contraption free. And even more fantastical, the illusion can be performed and then given to the audience again to be inspected as the rings appear to be impossibly connected.

One of the greatest illusions I saw with these rings is when the magician took 5 individual rings the size of trash can lids, clanged them together into a linking arc, then in one fell swoop, slammed them together into a single ring. He then started to slowly pull apart and expanded the ring into a large hoola hoop right before the audience’s eyes. As a finally, it spontaneously burst into flames in his hands and slowly floated up over his head.

I hope all of you have an amazing week!


“We are all connected in this ring of life.”

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