How To Be A World Class Magician!

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Seth logoWhat does it take to be a world class Magician?  Being in Las Vegas you see a lot!
Knowledge is something you cannot put a price tag on. I’m constantly thinking up new ideas and brain schemes. It takes serious concentration to constantly think up new ideas. How can one learn something new to become a better entertainer?  Sometimes I take a dance class, acting class, art class or just read a great book. When I find a great idea, I write it down in my Magic Journal! I have learned the pen and paper is the best memory you can have, so I write all my thoughts down in the tattered Magic Journal. Silverton ShowWhenever I travel outside of Las Vegas, I bring my Magic Journal with me so I can create epic scenes, scenarios and Illusions.
If I have an idea I have to write it down as soon as it is thought about it! Sometimes I get so involved in my creations and work my mind becomes unproductive. At times I have felt uncreative and noticed I must simply stop, relax my brain and do something else. When I feel that way I typically work out or rehearse with my Cyr Wheel something totally unrelated and enjoyable. You don’t want to give yourself too much pressure and become unproductive.
Create lists to be organized and stay on track. I have a daily list a monthly list and a yearly list. Just accomplish your daily list and go towards your goal eventually you will achieve the monthly and yearly goals. If you wake up and recite your goals they will happen because you are manifesting your own destiny
Believe in your future! If you have a clear vision and go towards the light. Write your goals and cross them off after you achieve them!
Constantly create results! Focus on what brings you closer to your goals and go towards that! Sometimes you can become sidetracked and even though it seems like moving forward your actually taking steps backwards, be aware of any potential time and energy suck that might not help you with your goals.
If every day you further your goals and enjoy life to the fullest your on the right track, keep it up! I would love to hear your goals send me what your doing to!

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