How to get HIGH with a CUP featuring STARBUCKS

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Halloween has piqued our interest into spooky stuff such as learning new magic tricks that can be fun to try out with friends and family. There are many tricks and illusion that can easily fool even the wisest of us which can be learned from tv, friends, family etc. Here is another simple yet intriguing magical illusion called the flying cup that you can create to trick people around you.
1. Needed Items
For this illusion all you will need is one paper cup. You can use any paper cup and even paint it with interesting colors and patterns. Once you have created the look you want it is time to create one thumb-sized semi-hole on one side of the cup.
Second thing you will need is a scissor or knife that will be used to poke a hole in the cup essential for this trick.
2. Step by Step Instruction for Learning the Flying Cup Magic Trick:
a. Start the trick by sitting in front of your audience and showing them the cup to create the magical aura.
b. Then pretend as if you are really focusing on the cup and your power to make it fly. Make sure that it looks as natural as possible.
c. During this time, stick your thumb through the hole subtly in a way that no one notices.
d. Finally start lifting the cup and pull your fingers away.
e. You can make it look like the cup is falling and make the effort to lift it up again to make the trick look more natural.
f. By swaying your fingers around you can create the illusion that the cup is actually flying.
g. Finish the trick by gracefully bringing the cup down.
Magic is an ancient art and some of the tricks date back to as old as 2,700 B.C. Some historians believe that people never really had any “magical” power and what magicians actually used were illusions. This means that some people were able to trick others by mastering the art of drawing illusions but some argue otherwise. Over the period of time, in different centuries, magical illusions were interpreted and used differently and culture had major effect on creating certain tricks that are still famous such as the “Cup and Balls” trick or the “Indian Rope” trick. Despite the arguments, one fact remains the same: people have always enjoyed the art of tricking.
Another interesting technique used in the past that could make a balloon float is the hovercraft trick which provides air to act like a cushion for the balloon to float on thus making the illusion more interesting. You can learn many tricks on and even book shows to get a chance to see me perform live. You can also shop for products that you can use for your magic tricks from my website such as coin-bender and appearing egg. To learn more about magic you can stay tuned to my website until you have also mastered the art of illusion.

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