I share a big night with my family

Seth Grabel#Magic Life

By Seth Grabel

This week was the Cover Party of the 2017 Summer issue of Las Vegas Woman magazine, owned and operated by my wife Tammy. The cover parties are a big night for us and I was thrilled to be there with Tammy and my daughter Grace.

In this issue, I am featured as a father for the Father’s Day article. I love what I do and I love teaching my daughter the world of magic and sharing what I do.

What can I say about being a father? It is the scariest yet most fulfilling role of my life. But when it comes to my 2-year-old daughter Grace, she is the embodiment of love. She is the most amazing experience I have ever had and it is so gratifying. Grace is the sweetest, most charming little girl and she teaches us how to be better people.”

I realize that Grace will emulate me so I demonstrate honesty, integrity and compassion through my actions. I strive to be the best person I can be and share that with Grace.

Of course, there is my beautiful, talented, amazing wife Tammy. She has owned the magazine for eight years and it keeps getting better. I am so proud of her many accomplishments, especially as a great mom to Grace.

Today I celebrate my life with these two amazing people. They make the magic happen for me. Check out the magazine online here and read the article about Father’s Day here.


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