iHEARTMUSIC Festival – Music & Magic in Las Vegas T Mobil Arena

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View from VIP Hyde Lounge in TMobil Arena

I just enjoyed the most amazing concert and VIP experience! IHEARTMUSIC FESTIVAL was incredible! The music was tantalizing, the production was top notch and the VIP unparalleled. Hanging at Hyde lounge was Epic!

I have never attended a music festival before and this was something special. After arriving at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, the box office had a special VIP package with my name on it! It contained VIP access to IHEART and the HYDE nightclub. The minute I arrived at HYDE I bumped in to my friends Teresa Gonzales, Roman Tsun founder of Worldz.us,  and Michele Laven from IHEART.

Music plays an important role for my magic, because they are both an international language. Have you heard a song that you hadn’t heard in a long time and suddenly it transports you back to a certain time or place? Maybe it makes you remember someone special or a special moment you shared. When I perform, music guides you into my magical world.

When I create a new magic illusion, I ask myself, what story do I want to tell? Once I figure out the story, the illusion takes on a new life. How can this illusion become a story through music?

Magic and music are very similar. Just the act of hearing something and seeing something can move you in ways NO words could. I LOVE creating magic inspired around music! Music also pushes me further to create memorable magic experiences.

What is your favorite music and why? When I grew up I only listened to classical and it really shaped the way I think. What music motivates you? Is it Mozart? Is it disco Is it Blink 182?

iHEARTMUSIC FESTIVAL inspired me! The experience was epic! We got VIP treatment and were able to meet some super talented artists! Who would you want to meet at IHeartMusic? If you could meet any of the artists from this years iHeartMusic Festival who would you want to meet? The artists are listed below! Comment your Favorite artist!!

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