Illusionist booked to perform at New York City Private Party


NY NY My Way – Magic in New York City

Ahh, the unique draw of New York, NY…I’ve been booked to perform Illusions and Magic for a private party in the city and we’re beginning to pack our team gear.

[two_fourth class=”” last=”no” ]new_york_skyline[/two_fourth][two_fourth class=”” last=”yes” ]My New York City Private Party Audience will witness jaw dropping acts of grand illusion, levitation, mind-reading, disappearance of a surprise person, and clever one-on-one magic tricks. The venue for my show is spectacular and extraordinarily exciting![/two_fourth] [space ] Packing for an Illusionist Show is no simple feat. Imagine large crates filled with stage equipment, smaller crates for Magic Trick contents, and then of course our many varied suitcases for stage clothes and street attire.

[img src=”” alt=”New York City” width=”700″ height=”454″ ]

Just as creating and performing an Illusion on stage requires lots of preparation and practice to make it perfect, so does the packing for a trip. Love to travel though – I’m not complaining, just going through my head what has to get accomplished.

[img src=”” alt=”Radio City Music Hall” width=”700″ height=”466″ ] [box_title class=”” border=”middle” ]Tammy and I also have our bucket list while visiting the City;[/box_title] [list_bullet type=”check” ]Central Park
Times Square
Radio City Music Hall
Grand Central Terminal
Metropolitan Museum of Art
West Village
Grimaldi’s Pizzeria
Contemporary Art Center
Bergdorf Goodman[/list_bullet] [space ]Do you have any suggestions? Any sites you would recommend?
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