I’m on Maui and love it here!

I’m on Maui and love it here!

Hey guys! Well I’m in Maui! On the 18th I will be performing at the Maui Theater. It is just a block south of the Lahaina Center.

For this post I wanted to talk briefly about one of the very important Kupua’s in Hawaiian (Polynesian) mythology. His name is Maui. I can only assume the island of Maui is named after him.

For those of you who didn’t know, Maui was a demigod trickster in Hawaiian culture who is known to be the creator of the Hawaiian islands themselves. In the Kumulipo creation story chant, Maui has four brothers named Māui-mua, Māui-waena, Māui-kiʻikiʻi and Māui-a-kalana. His father is Akalana and his mother is the famed goddess Hina-a-ke-ahi.

In a few of his tales, Maui (a fisherman) uses his big mystical fish hook called, Manaiakalani. It aided him in pulling up the Hawaiian islands from the depths of the ocean. He even used it to slow down the sun for his mother.

He was responsible for raising the sky, discovering the secret of fire, and slaying the mighty Kuna Loa. And Maui even ventured to make man immortal by snatching the heart from the Guardian of Life called, Hine-nui-te-po. Though he was unsuccessful and perished in his quest. In return from his death, Maui’s wife took revenge on all the other gods in the memory of Maui.

All these stories dig deep into the Hawaiian culture and I highly recommend reading them if you have the opportunity.

Noho pu kuko, koʻu mau hoaaloha!


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