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Happy Monday everybody!!! For this blog entry I wanted to briefly talk about one of my new favorite types of media production, immersive video. Most people recognize this as 360 imaging/video. Now this is not to be confused with panorama. Immersive media is strictly capturing a 360 view of the camera’s surroundings at the same time. And it is primarily viewable as a free roaming experience that is fully controlled by the viewer. Back in 1994, Immersive Media Co. premiered the very first fully immersive movie at the SIGGRAPH convention. It depicted a basketball game that all the viewers could watch from the sideline of the basketball court, in whichever direction they choose. This was a revolutionary discovery. Yet it still needed a lot of work. So from 1995 to 2003, IMC devoted most of it’s time on research and development of this particular technology. After that, in 2004 IMC released the first spherical earth camera called the Dodeca System. Shortly after that, relaters bumped up their profits by using this technology to let prospective home buyers take a virtual tour through a house over the Internet. In 2006 they produced the GICC project (GeoImmersive City Collect). This is where a video sphere camera was affixed to the top of a car and driven up and down every major city street in the US and Canada. This system gave us the famous ‘street view’ concept by Google. Not to mention thousands of privacy law lawsuits by home owners and renters across the nation. But of course there were also all those kooky comedians that dressed up for the moment the street view car came by to map the area. In 2008 the company implemented this concept for the military to help save lives. As well as introducing a new way to up the entertainment factor with sports productions and large entertainment venue performances. From then up to now there have been leaps and bounds in tv/movie entertainment effects, mobile UI applications, Internet mapping services and international broadcasting event innovations, all birthed from the IMC invention of Immersive Video. Check out my newest video, using this camera technology!

-Seth “From every direction life will come at me. So I will glide on its wind and sore.”

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