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It is less than a week until the new year is upon us! Do you have your resolutions ready? Are any of you going to go out and watch the fireworks? Or stay at home all snuggled up to watch the ball drop on television?

For this blog post I wanted to briefly talk about a relatively new form of street magic called guerrilla magic. I know I have talked about street magic in the past. But Guerrilla magic is a little different.


This style of magic is more like an unrehearsed, fly by the seat of your pants, one or two burst magic trick performance and then it’s over. It can happen anywhere at any time. On the street, in a restaurant, on campus, even in a restroom for the most daring of magicians. The purpose of this is to engage a non paying audience unexpectedly, amaze them in ways that blow there mind, and then abruptly leave them standing there wondering what just transpired. While the magician pleasantly walks away as if nothing out of the normal just happened.


This contemporary approach of almost invasive performances by magicians inside an impromptu public arena became main stream around the early 1990’s. It was particularly made popular by tv network association, from magicians like Daren Brown, Doug Henning, David Blaine, David Copperfield, and Jay Sankey. But this is only on Television. The true guerrilla magicians “in my opinion” are not the ones you see on TV. They are in a sense, the beat magicians of the late 20th and 21st century. They are the new inventors of illusion. No stage, no sexy assistants, and absolutely not having any clue how the day will unfold. All they have is their wits, their magic, and a personality that can captivate any passerby.




“We bend reality so you can keep that youthful wonder, fresh in your heart.”




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