Is Film back?

Seth Grabel#Magic Life

Do you remember a time before digital? Can you imagine actually having to go to a store and print your pictures? I found all these gray empty bottles with black tops and forgot what they were! I put new things in these special bottles only to realize later that the bottles were for holding film which was already developed.  Digital came out and changed how photography was done! It revolutionized the art and really put out many businesses.  We became the digital age.  Are we digressing and going back to our old ways? People have taken up film again, there is a movement! Maybe I should go back to the old classic magic tricks? The truth is I am doing classic magic, just with a new age twist.  I think its fair to say the new “old” Cameras are pretty hip and very interesting!

So My friend Ted Vieira is bringing it back and he is the talented photographer who took these images.  Check out all his exciting newschool approach to an old school art at

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