It’s In The Blood

Seth Illusions#Magic Life

Hey guys! Are you having a most excellent month of June? For those of you in Hawaii, are you prepared to party?!! I will be in Maui on the 18th, performing at the Maui Theater in Lahaina. So stop on by and get your mind blown with magic! For this week’s post I would like to share a point of view with you. The true nature of a professional magician. So, what is it? Do only professional magicians know it? Do you think you know it? Is the magician’s magic, only the act of performing tricks and the seemingly impossible? Is it not more than that? I believe that it is. I can pluck your imagination like a finely tuned instrument and play you a melody that will make you gasp in amazement and inspire your emotions to heights of surprise, whimsy and laughter. It is my gift to you. For without you (the audience), my profession does not have a purpose. I have learned it from my father and from my mentor. To a magician, magic is the pledge of life. We consume it with every breath we take. It is what keeps us alive. We do not know how to live without it. It’s magic, we can’t ever believe it is not real. For us, the only deceptions in the magic of a magician, is the illusion of hopelessness, while running from the fear of the unknown, and taking shelter from the rainstorm of doubt. A magician without fear, that welcomes the storm with open arms, in turn, is unstoppable. For he conquers the impossible every day by seeing the storm for what it really is. A complex puzzle just waiting to be solved. We are more than the prestige. We are the reflection of your smiles. We are the voice of your wonder. We are the ‘what if’s’ that rest on the tip of your tongue. We are the inspiration in humanity’s limitlessness. We are your living wizards. Our true nature is that of magic; mysterious. Magic on the Vegas Strip:

-Seth “Step with me into the hidden world of imagination.”

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