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Hey guys! I hope you all have been having an awesome week! I just wanted to wax rhapsodic for a little bit. I just got out of the grocery store and heard a song playing over the PA system that got me into the whole “blast from the past” mood again. It was the band They Might Be Giants doing the cover of the ‘Istanbul Not Constantinople’ song. And the only reason I even know it was a cover, is that I got a chance to see them in California back in the nineties and they mentioned on stage that it was originally a song that was famous back in the 50’s that was performed by a Canadian band, The Four Lads. Anyway, because of it’s peppy swing beat, it got me thinking very seriously about all the successful magicians that graced the Las Vegas strip, when it was young.

I ask myself, was there any heavy compitition to perform here (back then), in retrospect to the population differences, to how it is now? Because if you have ever spent any considerable amount of time in Las Vegas these days (ie. on the strip), the compitition is absolutly obscene. There are about twenty street magicians to every one stage magician currently residing and performing in Vegas.

Just in case you were curious, a few of the Vegas legends of magic back in the day were, the “Dean of American Magicians” Jay Marshall, known for his ventriloquism, his white rabbit hand puppet Lefty, and you know, he actually opened for Frank Sinatra, Liberace and Milton Berle. “Mr.Electric” Marvyn Roy, who not only surrounded his act around objects of electric light, he also performed his show on ice. And of course the first magician to ever perform in Las Vegas “The Bird Manipulator” Jack Kodell, who is not only the first to perform his magic show on ice, but the first, ever, to encorperate birds into his ‘entire act’. These great magicians as well as any magician worth his magic, has a niche. You just have to have one to stand out in front of the always growing magic crowd as an original.

I am always refining my niche of being an acrobatic magician, and driving my desires forward on my own path to stand out like the greats of the magic world. And this holds true to really anything (profession, hobbie, obsession) that you are dedicated to, and work at with all your heart. Nobody else but you, can get in your own way to be the best at what you do and love. So be the epic that you always wanted to be.

Ok, I have been sitting in my car in the heat for quite some time now and am wondering if I should have put these groceries that are in the back seat, in my fridge already.

So, in closing, I wanted to ask you guys, what was the greatest magic trick you ever saw, who performed it, and where did you see it?

Mine was, when I saw John Calvert masterfully perform “The Watch Steal” at the Magic Castle of Hollywood. I was awestruck that he could enter into the person’s personal space and like a ghost, yield his watch without the guy having a clue. It was brilliant!

Take care you guys!!


“You don’t have to be great to start. But you do have to start, to be great.”




Istanbul (Not Constantinople), by They Might Be Giants:

Jay Marshall (in 1996):

Marvyn Roy (in 1969):

Jack Kodell (in 2006 and 1956):

John Calvert (Montage):


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