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Merry Christmas one and all! Four more days until Santa comes! Are you guys ready?! 

For this blog post I wanted to talk about a very important foundation that I believe is doing wonders. It is called, the Grant A Gift Autism Foundation. The organization’s founder is Lynda Tache. Her son Grant, has autism. You might know him from YouTube and Thomas’ Adventures. Lynda raised Grant with very little help from any specialized programs like countless other parents across the country. She took it upon herself to create this organization in hopes to not let other families struggle with autism like she did.


This foundation provides family based program care with education, transition planning, support sevices, vocational training, treatment and diagnostic funding, for children, and entire families that are fighting autism. They help reach out to multiple organizations in collaboration, with the aid of state agencies to provide an overall better way of life. So the child effected with autism, can easily transition into adulthood.


If you are not entirely familiar with autism, I will briefly explain it.


Autism is a disorder that effects the development of neurons in the child’s brain. It primarily impairs their social interactions including verbal and non verbal communications, as well as repetitive, and restrictive behavior traits. The signs of autism usually surface at a steady rate up to (but not restricted) around the age of three. Normally when the developmental milestones are reached for the child, they start to regress afterward.


There is currently no known cure for this debilitating, however manageable, disorder. The people at Grant A Gift, work tirelessly with families in making their lives better and stronger. There are many plans and options available for you to get involved to help this organization support these Nevada families in your own community.


I wish you all a very wonderful holiday!




“There is no higher calling than that of serving your community and others in need. Giving your heart and your time is a miracle in the eyes of those whom need it.”




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