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Hey guys! Things are in full swing in the magic factory this Monday. New illusions, new choreography, and new props! Just last week I had my new prop shop table built. It is making my prop organization so much more efficient and far easier to access.
The new prop table:

During the reorganization I had found another important object that I had thought I lost in my last warehouse move. I had been given a special gift by a fellow magician (now retired) that had a very particular history. About a decade ago I was at an auction bidding on a few art pieces and noticed on one of the silent auction tables, an almost mint condition Junior Miss movie poster that was signed by none other than Peggy Ann Garner and Allyn Joslyn! I had to have it! I absolutely love classic movies and am a HUGE fan of Allyn Joslyn. So of course I bid on it and amazingly enough, got it! I had it re-framed and hung it in my living room within a couple days. Around a year later my magician friend came over to hang out and while we were sitting on the couch talking an reminiscing, he noticed my Junior Miss poster on the wall. He politely paused our conversation, walked over in curiosity, and stared at it as if he had never seen a movie poster before. I thought he was going to inquire about the poster but instead he apologized and sat back down to continue the conversation. I asked what was wrong. He just shrugged his shoulders and said he had the same poster at his home but it wasn’t autographed. We then started to talk about old movies and the evening went on without a hiccup.
About a week later I received a certified package at my front door. When I opened the box, to my delayed surprise and shock, inside was an old tattered book, and a parchment letter sticking out of the middle pages. It said, (I am paraphrasing of course) “After I saw your Junior Miss poster signed by the great Mr. Joslyn I knew it was serendipity. In your possession is the 1941 printing of Blackstone’s Modern Card Tricks and Secrets of Magic. I am sure you probably have owned this book among many others since you were a wee lad, however, this book is special. It was owned by the late Mr. Joslyn himself! He received it from the entire cast of Junior Miss once it finished filming, among many other parting gifts. During the filming of this movie, Mr. Joslyn performed card tricks and other magic for the cast and crew during long reset times. They loved his enthusiasm so much, they got Harry Blackstone Sr. to come and visit the set. According to his son Harry Jr., Mr. Joslyn would have become a magician himself if he hadn’t fell in love with acting. Harry Jr. gave it to me as a gift imparting this story back in 1968, and I gift it to you hoping it will give you as much inspiration as it has given me over the years.” This is where the surprise and shock hit me. When I opened the book, I immediately read the inscription on the inside page from the entire cast of Junior Miss, wishing Allyn Joslyn a long and fruitful carrier.
“A magician has more elaborate stories to tell. Yet most never seem to reveille them to their audience.”



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