Magic is for kids too


As a Magician and Entertainer, I receive the most satisfaction from performing Magic and Illusions for young people. I’ve found that most kids believe in and are fascinated by magic.

I know I was enamored by magic as a young person, which is how I can relate to kids that see my illusions and magic tricks on stage.

After my most recent Magic Show in Las Vegas, I received one of the most satisfying expressions of appreciation from one of Southern Nevada’s Make-A-Wish® Kids, whom had attended my 7PM performance.

It read as follows;

[quote ]Here’s a message from one of our Wish Kids who attended the Seth Grabel show: Hi Miriam!! We had a great time at the Seth Grabel Show!! [/quote] [space ]

[img src=”” alt=”” width=”240″ height=”320″ ]

[space ]

The Sunset Station Magic Show sold out – I had so much fun and have so many people to thank for their participation.

My magic fans were tremendous and as excited as I was. You can see pictures of fans and my show team below.

[box_title class=”” border=”middle” ]Enjoy More Photos – Seth Grabel performing at Sunset Station[/box_title] [power_play cats=7] [space ] [banner width=”0″ height=”100″ url=”http://sethgrabelmagic.us3.list- u=8fef8bea5536e134d27fd4779&id=308b96869c” target=”yes” title=”Call Us at (702) 530-1641 OR” subtitle=”Sign Up For ILLUSION NEWS” title_size=”14″ title_size_hover=”11″ subtitle_size=”11″ subtitle_size_hover=”14″ icon_size=”35″ icon_size_hover=”50″ background=”#ffffff” background_image=”” border=”#18799c” color_icon=”#f00c36″ color_title=”#000000″ color_subtitle=”#18799c” background_hover=”” border_hover=”” color_icon_hover=”#18799c” color_title_hover=”#f00c36″ color_subtitle_hover=”#f00c36″ type=”zoom-left” icon=”icon-magic” style=”orange” ] [space ]

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