Magician Marries On 56th Grammy’s

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My fiancé, Tammy Shaw, publisher of Las Vegas Woman Magazine and I were approached by representatives of The Grammy Awards a couple of months ago about participating in the 56th Grammy Award Show Weddings. We both thought the idea was magical.

We were told to keep everything a secret, even from our family and friends. But, it appears that Rolling Stone Magazine leaked the secret about the Grammy Weddings a few hours before the Award Show.

To have your wedding in front of 100 million people is pretty momentous, as Queen Latifah quoted later.

Getting married in front of 20 million people is pretty magical to us.

To profess and witness your enduring love in front of that many people totally personifies our life long commitment.

Tammy and I were so excited with anticipation…that was a hard secret to keep.

We were ready though, Tammy found her perfect wedding gown while we were in Korea last year.

Tammy looked stunningly beautiful as we stood hand in hand alongside our newly made friends that were also getting married. The musical performances were incredible as we marveled within the moment. I was overwhelmed when Macklemore began his performance singing “Same Love”.

Mary Lambert joined Macklemore and then Madonna came on stage with all of them singing “Open Your Heart”.

The love in the room, the love in the music, the love in our hearts and the joyful tears in our eyes are forever embedded –  the magic of it all.

As part of 33 other couples ““ some gay, some straight ““ we all joined hands in marriage at that very moment, with Queen Latifah officiating and signing our marriage certificate.

The magic of the moment clearly had an impact on more than just Tammy and I. It was a flood of joyful tears from every newly married couple.

Keith Urban was seen crying. Katy Perry was seen catching a bouquet. And when legendary songwriter Paul Williams went on stage to accept Best Album honors as part of the collective behind Daft Punk’s “Random Access Memories,” he referenced the wedding, saying it showed “the power of love for all people.”
Tammy and I are so happy and so blessed and MARRIED!!

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“To have your wedding in front of 100 million people is pretty momentous,” Latifah said. “I can say I was here and that will not leave me. I look forward to dashing off and signing all their wedding certificates.”

At the end of the historical television moment, Ringo Starr was overheard saying to Paul McCartney, “Let’s all renew our vows.” McCartney then shook the hands of every couple that walked by.

Grammys producer Ken Ehrlich said that the idea for the big wedding grew out of the onstage marriage proposals that occasionally happen at Macklemore & Ryan Lewis shows. The couples selected for the segment were initially only told that the ceremony would take place on live television and just learned in the last couple of weeks that it would happen on the Grammys broadcast.

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