Seth Grabel#Magic Life

If you are magician you must be committed to the study and search of knowledge. A magician’s mind is never at rest, I am always thinking of the next best way to achieve the impossible. When I discover an illusion that is interesting I dive in! I find out who created it, who performs it, who builds it and why it was made. What’s the story? Every great illusion has a story it is our jobs as secret searchers and performers to tell the story and show the audience a glimpse of hidden truth, which sparks their imagination. If you give your audience love and energy they will remember every second you were on stage and you will create magic.

If the audience gives a reaction of disbelief or you hear a roar that starts from the back of the audience and finishes at the edge of the stage you have done your job! Every audience is different. I feel it is important to feel your audience out, and read your audience. Perform as much as you can it’s the only way to become comfortable with different stage situations. Every audience is different and they all need to be approached in a slightly different manner. Before every show I watch my audience as they take their seats. I use practical methods to read my audience to provide the best show possible. Know your audience and you will know how to make a successful show.

I am a magician, I always will be a magician, I can’t stop being a magician, and it is who I am. It’s not easy to become a secret searcher but once you start it’s hard to stop. Every single day I tote my manuscript around, jotting notes, ideas and drawing diagrams on how to build the next best illusion. It is my goal to bring my work, to the public and give them shows that will make people think and feel in a different manner. If every day I wake up and search for hidden secrets, I will find what I’m looking for. If you put your mind to something great your achievements can be no less.

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