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Mark Wayman and friends at Opportunity Village Charity Event.

The first time I can remember learning a card trick was with my father. He showed me a trick where someone picks a card then puts it back into the deck and the spectators cuts The cards and magically the selected card is found. This trick gave me many smiles and the people I showed it to loved it. It’s not because the trick is complicated or amazing it’s because we had fun together. True magic is the moment you spend with another person and give them them something to smile about,something to think about, or to laugh about. The moment when two people connect on an enlightened level and both share a moment.

As a magician I can create these moments when I perform. It’s up to me to establish the correct moment and set the tone of my performance. If I set the tone correctly I can create that exciting magical moment. The moment is just seconds where the spectator and performer connects on a high level of consciousness.  It makes the spectator happy, ecstatic and excited and the magician feels a similar sensation. Connecting to each other is the key!

Card magic is so much fun to perform, what’s so wonderful about a pack of cards is their size. As a magician you can carry your props everywhere you go. If you an illusionist it will take you hours to set up before you can start making people smile and performing. If you’re a pianist you must tote a piano to impress your audience. A talented and skilled magician can impress anyone with a pack of cards. Make your audience smile and do it was something as simple as a pack of cards.

I know lots of tricks but I have a certain few that are my “standard” go to tricks. These are slights and tricks that I always do when put on the spot or asked to do something in a random situation.  I know these tricks so well I can do them with my eyes closed. In fact I did them with my eyes closed today. I went to a place called slappy cakes with my family and performed for some random people waiting to be seated. I did my 3 favorite card slights and they freaked out when I closed my eyes on the last one. If you can impress people and make them smile with a pack of cards you’re on your way to becoming a talent.

Getting that magic moment is something I have always loved to achieve and I make sure to accomplish it every performance I do. I want to hear about your Magic moments. Let me know the last time you felt a connection between yourself and a spectator. Enjoy the moments you can create as many as you want. 








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