Making Success Dance

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Hello internet humans! It is a chilly morning in December and this week’s blog is going to be on the topic of personal success in one’s life. Your elusive or obvious destiny.
Your destiny that you decide on is what your time here on this planet is all about. Some people think that your purpose is already set out before you. And your job is to find it as quickly as possible so you don’t waist your life away doing what you are not supposed to be doing. I do not believe this. I believe that your life is yours alone, and your so called fate in this reality, is for the most part, your choice to make.

Have any of you ever did not know what you wanted to be when you got out of school? What career you wanted to tackle? Was it difficult to sit inside of your decision, wondering what would have happened if you chose differently? If so, this is in part due to a lack of self exploration. A happy life, is fully dependent on you enjoying it at almost every moment. Living with constant disappointment wishing you “would have” could have” changed your direction, is not living in any sort of destiny. I call it, “almost living”.

Pick up your feet and look around where you are. What fascinates you? What are you always drawn to, yet never participate in because of fear, or money, or lack of knowledge, or all of the above?

Make a change if you are stuck. Live your dreams no matter how small or big. No matter how long it takes to get you there! The journey is the important part of your destiny. When you set a major goal, think about how you will get there. Set smaller goals as checkpoints in between your beginning and your eventual peak goal to conquer. And your final goal is only the beginning. There is so much more to explore once you get what you want and are living your “now hopes & dream”.

Don’t just guess on the important choices you make in your life. Don’t blindly follow others in hopes you become more happy. Open your eyes, listen to your heart, and think before you act. This is your life and though maybe some of it is messy, there is no excuse for you to make the rest of it perfect and precious.

No Excuses Ever!



“I make my choices epic. I breath in sunlight and exhale music. My life is a freight train of fun.”






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