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Many Magicians perform Magic Tricks in their acts from several fields such as, Production, Vanish, Transformation, Restoration, Teleportation, Levitation and Penetration.

[box_title class=”” border=”middle” ]6 Types of Magic[/box_title] [numbers_sections number=”1″ title=”CLOSE-UP MAGIC” last=”no” ]Close-up Magic is one of the strongest types of Magic, which is performed with the audience close to the Magician, possibly even in physical contact.

Close-up Magic usually makes use of everyday items as props, such as cards and coins.

This is one of the most common forms of Magic and is what almost all Street Magicians perform.[/numbers_sections] [numbers_sections number=”2″ title=”PLATFORM MAGIC” last=”no” ]Platform Magic is when the Magician stands while performing and is seen by more people simultaneously than the close-up performer.

This type of Magic is often performed on stage and is often the more televised version of Magic. An example of a performer using platform Magic is David Abbott.

A very common type of Magic.[/numbers_sections] [numbers_sections number=”3″ title=”CABARET MAGIC” last=”no” ]Cabaret or Pub Magic is when the Magician performs for a medium to large audience, but at or almost at floor level and much much closer to many spectators than in auditorium performances. Night club Magic and comedy club Magic are typical examples. This is also common, but not as common as the others, but often can be a good way to pick up tips. Cabaret performers can generally also function as stage performers. The long-obsolete term parlor Magic is sometimes misused as a synonym for cabaret Magic.[/numbers_sections] [numbers_sections number=”4″ title=”STREET MAGIC” last=”no” ]Street Magic, is one of the most common types of Magic, actually performed on streets of large cities. The Street Magician uses Magic to gather a crowd and convinces them that it is good enough to deserve money at the end of the show.

David Blaine began as a Street Magician. There are also newer famous Magicians such as Dynamo that all started on the streets and still perform on the streets. ““ This is the form of Magic close-up Magicians perform.[/numbers_sections] [numbers_sections number=”5″ title=”STAGE MAGIC” last=”no” ]Stage Magic, which is performed for large audiences, typically within an expensive showroom. This type of Magic is recognized by their over the top, large-scale props.

The most famous Magicians in the world, such as David Blaine, David Copperfield, Siegfried & Roy, and Penn and Teller, are best known for their ability in Stage-Magic.[/numbers_sections] [numbers_sections number=”6″ title=”KID’S MAGIC” last=”yes” ]Kid’s magic, which is performed for an audience primary of children, typically performed at a birthday party, daycare or preschool, elementary school, or library.

This type of Magic is usually comedic in nature and involves audience interaction as well as volunteer assistants. Often these Magic Tricks are simpler and more involving with the crowd participating. Typically this is the same as cabaret Magic, one of the most very Powerful types of Magic.[/numbers_sections] [border ]

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