Matthews Apple box Vanish

Matthews Apple box Vanish

Matthews Apple box Vanish

My magic took me to the Matthews studio equipment in Burbank California! I was born in Burbank California! I met the president and CEO of the company, Tyler Phillips. Matthews is a famous grip brand, and they create many marvelous products. They have found a special place in the world of film and photography. Most of their equipment is for movies, TV, various event productions, video shooting, and so much more.

Tyler gave me us a challenge! The challenge was to create a magic trick with an apple box. Apple boxes are used in TV and film sets. There are so many uses for Apple Boxes. What are some uses you can think of? Write them in the comments, we LOVE to hear from you!

We did a lot of brainstorming to create custom unique magic trick with an apple box. We are going to turn an apple box into thousands of apples!

How I do that?

When I threw the apple box on the ground it disappeared, and apples came out. They were everywhere! Can you guess how I did this? Let me know I would love to see if your creative enough to figure it out.

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