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Hey guys. This weekend has been so amazingly busy and has been seriously testing my creativity. Which has brought to the for front of my thoughts, a reality inspired illusion I developed that I had been wanting to talk about. It is quite simply called, The Cube. I won’t necessarily explain the illusion, (I will leave a link at the end of this post of a video clip) but instead, I will tell you about what inspired it.

When I was on the road a while back during one of my circuit shows, I met and had a very engaging conversation with a man named David Parrish. He is a medical doctor as well as a physicist. He walked right up to me in the theater lobby, introduced himself and we began a very deep and enjoyable conversation. It was as if we were old friends. Our conversation took an interesting turn from talking about magic, right when I mentioned that I had an interest in electrical engineering. This got Mr. Parrish talking about physics. I personally don’t know a great deal about physics, but the way our conversation evolved, he spoke to me about it, as if it were the subject of fluidic poetry. Quantum mechanics and particle physics from his lips made sense and I began to understand how astronomically insignificant we all are, as well as how impossibly rare and special our existence actually is.

This wonderful man grounded me, floored my perception of the world I lived in, in that moment, and sparked this idea in my head that I had to somehow translate into something that could be seen.

We are not much different than the speck of dust we unknowingly walk over everyday on our way to work. We live in our heads, in a three dimensional world that has far more dimensions and spectrums of life than we can see or feel. We live in a vast empty universe sprinkled with a seemingly infinite number of small grains of sand. And we just so happen to be standing on one of those grains. All of it, and all of us, in this grand cosmic cube of space, just spins, turns, and expands on the palm of a grand event, invisible to all.

So anyway, right before Mr. Parrish and I had to part ways, he just smiled at me and commented, “We currently can imagine and map out the universe in so many ways, by simply understanding it’s natural language. What it speaks and sings to us every microbic moment. What is even more spectacular is, we are still learning it’s alphabet and it’s dialect. And, it is all possible, because we are giving in to our imaginations.”

He of course, floored me again and then said farewell.


“We are only as epic as our imagination allows us to be.”




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