Mystically Marked

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Hey guys, have any of you ever seen, met, or known of a mystic or shaman? Do you know what they are? A lot might think they are like a tribal medicine man or a witch doctor. Or for that matter, do you know what mysticism truly is and where it comes from?

In its most general meaning, mysticism is the exploration and purposeful action upon human evolution and betterment. The changing of the mind, the body, and the soul so to speak. It has its roots in Ancient Greek history as well as being mentioned in quite a few different culturally spiritual texts through the ages, all over the world.

Modern mysticism is also in huge debate now among scientists as a social and environmental phenomenon that varies for the individual. It is based on their own personal beliefs and experiences. This of course shapes and directs the processes of interpretation they themselves are able to understand.

So what is modern mysticism you may ask? Well, holding true to the original meaning I mentioned earlier, it is a bit more streamlined by way of religious and philosophical means. It bares to the existence of a universal truth that all social/spiritual beliefs and philosophies borrow from and yet not completely grasp or understand.

With that being said, no one person would be capable of knowing the absolute truth of this. Being that the individual human bases all their own understandings and observations on a foundation of their very own individual life experiences.

In any case, no matter what part of the world you come from, and however unique your life experiences have been, perusing mysticism in a very serious manner, has always resulted in the individual becoming more enlightened, healthy, and uncompromisingly happy.


“Seeking to better ones self, is always a nobel goal.”






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