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Happy 2016! The festivities here in Las Vegas were mind blowing. Did all of you have an amazing New Years experience?


For this post I wanted to talk briefly about the origin of the New Year’s celebration.


It all began back in 2000 BCE. The good ol’ folks down in Mesopotamia thought this idea up first. Then the Roman’s quickly followed suit by dedicating the New Year’s celebration to the god Janus (God of new beginnings and doors). We know the name as January. Though back then the calendar in Rome was different. It was based on the lunar cycle and was flawed by about three months of time. So it was changed to a more efficient system known as the Julian Calendar around 46 BCE. From there it evolved into what we use now, the Gregorian Calender which was created in 1582.


In Belgium and the Netherlands in between 600 and 700 CE, people used to exchange gifts with one another. This was a celebration adopted from the Christian bible that mimicked the Magi giving gifts the the baby Jesus Christ.


It was around that time that the New Years celebration revolved around a religious rite of new beginnings. All the way up to the 1900’s when that slowly steered to become a national day of celebration that started on December 31st, New Years Eve. 


A lot of countries have a seemingly very different custom and way that they celebrate the coming new year. In Spain 12 grapes are held when the clock is about to strike. For each strike of the clock, one grape is eaten. All the way up to the 12th strike. If all the grapes are eaten up to the last strike, there will be good luck into the new year. In Greece the lights are turned of at 12 and a peace of pie is cut for every member of the family. In the pie is one coin. The family member that gets the coin in their piece, will have luck for the new coming year. In the USA of course, we enjoy watching fireworks, spending time with family/loved ones, watching Parades, and of course kissing at the stroke of midnight.


There are so many other traditions around the world that if I were to write them all out, this would become a very long article. 


Whichever traditions you celebrate, I hope this new year brings you all the happiness and joy that you can take in.


From all of us at the Magic Shop, we wish you a very Happy New Year!




“New beginnings are always rising with the sun.”



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