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Hey guys! I hope you are having an amazing week so far. I have some magical resource treasures I wanted to share with you that I think you will enjoy. Not all of them are well known, but they are definitely worth a look-see.

Are any of you out there, avid book readers? If so, I would like to turn you on to two books that are not ‘how to’ books or biographies, but brilliant stories that are entrancing. Xanadu, eat your heart out.

The first book is called, The Night Circus.


This story revolves around a traveling circus that occupies a time in Victorian London. The circus mysteriously shows up at random locations with no prior notice, and only opens at night. Behind the facade of this strange and magical place unknown to all, engages a competition between two young magicians, trained in the magic arts since they were children by mercurial mentors.

The secon book is called, Carter Beats The Devil


This story is a straight up mystery thriller that centers around the stage magician Charles Joseph Carter at the height of his career and powers. Shortly after one of his performances, his life takes an untimely turn of circumstance that draws the unwanted attention of some very powerful people.

Now, if your not a book reader, but a movie watcher (not to say of course that book readers don’t like movies. That would be absurd), I have just the motion pictures for you to take a look at.

The first is an British/French animated movie called The illusionist.


This is an animated treasure set in 1959 about a struggling illusionist in Paris who is met by a little girl that believes his illusions are real. From here the movie grows with inspired greatness.

The second is a movie with the same name as the first, The Illusionist, but a completely different story.


This epic romantic mystery is set in Vienna in 1889. Two young lovers separated in childhood, meet again over a decade later. The woman destined to marry a member of the royal family, and the man, a master illusionist at the top of his career. They both struggle with the fire still fueling their passion for one another even after so long apart, risking everything to never be separated again.

Might there be any new and aspiring magicians out their?

Having books and videos on magic is great and a very useful tool. However, knowing how to do magic from a book or a video is only one spoke in your journey to mysticism. Actually having a mentor and learning first hand from a teacher, is something you need to seek out. I highly recommend learning from as many professional magicians as you can. Because they can teach you things that you can never learn from a book. Don’t get discouraged by a lot of us that don’t readily divulge our secrets. We are a skittish bunch. Join community magic clubs, get to know your local magic store magicians if possible. Getting involved and making friends with others that share your interests is going to make learning about magic, so much more enjoyable.


“The only way to find magic, is if you look for it.”




Xanadu (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture) by Various Artists:

The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern:

Carter Beats the Devil by Glen Gold:

The Illusionist (animated):

The Illusionist:

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